Monday, October 30, 2006

Wedding Banquet

Our first appointment date with HDB has been fixed! It will be on December 2nd, 2006.
Feeling kind of excited now because, 畢竟 it will be our first Property asset.
Months ago, we were still anxiously looking around for our desired unit. Had shortlisted quite a few but many were not within our budget, as in the cash amount that the sellers required were far too high. For instance, one of the seller wanted 12K of cash and many wanted an average of 10K, so "Bo pian" lor. Anyway, "Bo pian" means "no choice, what to do" in hokkien. Typical verse commonly used by singaporeans! Hahhaa~

Cannot understand right? Never mind, sometimes I talked so much that I also dont quite get it myself. Hahah~ Since flat issue had been loaded off our minds, we have to move on to our ROM preparations. So far, many of the ROM preparations are already more or less settled, like the mini gown and date. Venue, Make-up and hair styling professional, JP and also the shoes are not yet ready at the moment. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all of them done by end of November!

Now, we have to brain stormed about our Wedding Banquet. Many of the magazines advised couples to booked the venue one year in advanced but then, I guessed for both of us, since many of the preparations are still in process, thus we had to put the Banquet issue behind at the moment. However, now it seems that time is really running short, there is an urgent need for us to shortlist our venue before it gets fully booked.

So far, Hubby Kuo and I had shortlisted a few. For examples: Tung Lok, Dragon Phoenix, Novotel, Country clubs. Hopefully everything get settled before December. Anyone with packages information, please kindly forward to me okie!

A big thank you in advance! Arigato, 謝謝, Imakase!

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