Monday, October 30, 2006

Beat to the core

Today is a brand new Week for the school. In exact terms, its Week 8.
The moment I woke up this morning, I was so sleepy that I hope I could just squeeze back into my warm and cosy bed. There will be exams going on as usual. For my schedule, the first half of my day would be invigilating the Pri 5 students for their English Paper 2. Hopefully, they can do well because the class that I will be invigilating aint very good in their language. All the best to them and Gambate!

Anyway, having this slight headache now. Not really headache, I don't know how to describe it :S
I guessed its just tired. When you get too much sleep or vice versa, you tend to have such symptoms. Arghhhhh its kind of torturing me right now. Oh man oh mannnnnnnn~

How I wish the holidays would come now!!! Okay, day dreaming again. That's part of my daily routine lah. Beside day dreaming, I like to 發呆 also. Hahaha, 發呆 is actually a mediation okay! Its one way to stop all work issues from popping into your head and its so easy! Just graze into the sky, with your mouth open (okay, for me only lah >.<) and not think about anything! That's it!

假期,假期,假期,假期 拜託請你用你最快的速度飛到我身邊吧! Day dreaming again :(

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