Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Interior Finished for my Kitchen

Recently, Mr Kuo and Mrs Kuo (It's me!) had been busy cracking renovation ideas out of our brains. Many of the brain cells died half-way, because Mrs Kuo (Yes, that's me again) is up to her lazy sleeves again.

It can't be blamed, you see! I had been staying up late, doing alot of works which consists of administrative issues for the school, marking of books, worksheets, books, worksheets, books, worksheets and it goes on. This job can be real tedious! As you know, handwriting of the kids can drove one up to the wall or even hang oneself up the ceiling. Sometimes, I feels so tired that I wanted to tear every single pieces of books/worksheets and dumped them into the dustbin, which appeared to be right beside me in my office. Kids that don't complete their homeworks are the most irritating bunch. Sadly, 60% of my Primary 4 kids belonged to this category. Sad, sad, sad, sad to the power of infinity.

Anyway, though I may be lazy at most times ( Opps) , I will still try my best to think of innovative ideas for my house. At the moment, I had created the Kitchen design so far. You can't expect me to drew them out right? I am not proficient in this and frankly speaking, the creative kuddles in my brains dumped me years ago. With the help of Kitchen Planner, I managed to drew out the interior plan for my Kitchen. So far so good, up to standard *Applause*

Hopefully, the kitchen would look real gorgeous! Without further hesitation, I shall now present you with my master piece. *Applause*

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