Friday, October 27, 2006

Modus Chit Chat Club

Today, I made some doughnuts for my friends and colleagues over at Moduslink.
Yes, Moduslink's where I was working before I had a career switch from IT to Education. Though it's really a big change no matter whether if its the working environment or the tasks included, I still feel the comfort when I was back in Modus this afternoon. Probably, that was where I stayed during the 2 years after I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic.

Friends like Athena, Janet, Susie and Pauline were the peeps I enjoyed working with the most. Although at times, there may be little conflicts between each of us, we still stick like a team especially Janet and Athena. They are the two whom I can confide to when I had problems in the past. I don't really confide to the teachers in my school, probably I am still quite new, so it seems kind of akward but I still do talk about my peronal stuffs to close peeps like Shirely, Firuz, See Ling and Jayne. Maybe I will do so in the near future but not at the moment.

By the way, about doughnuts. I went grocery shopping with dear mummy early in the morning and headed straight home to prepare for the doughnut session. It's been quite some time since I stepped in the kitchen to do some cooking other than instant mee-ing. Hahaha~ Spent quite some time deep frying and coating the little roll oval balls with white chocolates. Acutally I wanted to snap some pictures but was kind of late so had to forgo that and rush down to the office.

Had a long long long long long long chat with my peeps in Modus. Reached at 3pm and left at 6+. Super chatty right? I really missed the days back in Modus but then, I still prefer working as an Educationist. Reason being, I hate routine kind of jobs and I think the passion of teaching is still there. Anyway, after the session with my kakis in Modus, I went to PP with Mr Kuo.

I wanted to nib some sushi so, the loving Mr Kuo took me to Sakae Sushi. We swallowed a total of 17 plates of sushi! Oh my goodness! I cannot imagine that I can swallow 17 plates of sushi down my stomach! I think I am a glutton :( Need to do some self reflection on myself for eating too much >.<
Anyway, was searching for new songs and came across the new album of Fish Leong. Love the song titled"可樂戒指".
Lyrics is simply so sweet and touching! Love it the core~ Enjoy!

星星在天上寫詩 浪漫到放肆
嘴角的吻還未濕 我還受掩飾
我調整了我坐姿 假裝更矜持

你的緊張你的公式 就像個孩子
你把我喝完的可樂 來換當作戒指
輕輕套上我手指 你問能不能一輩子
那一秒突然愛上了你 傻傻的固執

我不要你的解釋 我不要你的發誓
我只要你記得此刻 你眼裡我的樣子
這一刻到世界末日 讓我們一起把愛

你把平凡的日子 變成紀念日
遠恆變成未來史 男孩變王子
我不要有大房子 也不要大寶石
我會珍惜可樂戒指 遠衡的消失

你用吃完的糖果紙 那是你的方式
默默地寫下你發誓 你說保護我一輩子
那一秒突然看到了 你背後的雙翅

我不要你解釋 我不要你發誓
我只要你記得此刻 你眼裡我的樣子

我只要你記得此刻 你眼裡我的樣子
愛我不要解釋 愛我不要發誓
這一刻到世界末日 讓我們一起把愛

你在等答案 我會對你說

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