Sunday, October 29, 2006

A Companion for Charcoal Baby

First of all, before I start to get the ball rolling, I ought to introduce about Charcoal before I start my chattering here and everyone gets confused with questions like "Who is Charcoal?" "What is Charcoal doing in this Blog".

Charcoal is my beloved puppy, a cross breed. Suspected to have blood connections with Labrador, Rottweiler, Pincher and even German Shepherd. Charcoal's turning 6 mths old tomorrow and Hubby Kuo and me have decided to bring him over to our new house. I cannot imagine life without this cute little boy, although he may be naughty at all times, hungry and greedy occasionally and sleepy almost 24 hours. LOL! Charcoal is a real baby as he love being outdoor - playing and running around and his favourite past time is chasing after those poor birds. Yes, those poor little sparrows that are seen around everywhere in Singapore.

Anyway, though Charcoal's been with us for almost half a year, he's getting bigger and bigger each day and recently, we had noticed that he doesn't like to be kept at home. Actually, he was'nt like this in the past and I guessed it could be because, my dad who brings Charcoal with him to work allow Charcoal to roam freely only recently.
Charcoal was being kept in the office initally as there were a few encounters where strangers wanted to lure Charcoal away. But now, since he has grown up quite abit and he has gotten himself very farmilar with the surroundings, plus he doesn't like strangers, so it's quite safe for him to play around the area. I believe he has grown to like the outdoors even more, so when he is back at home, there is this urge for him to get out to the outdoor to get his fun and problems start to arise. Charcoal would start barking to get attention from us, so that we could bring him out. If we don't, he would continue to bark and we are very afraid that this might alarm the neighbours especially my malay neighbour, who got quite a fair bit of objections when we brought Charcoal back.

所以囉, Hubby Kuo and I had brain-stormed about this problem and have decided that IF Charcoal is unable to adapt to the new environment, then we shall get him a companion then. A companion to keep him company and have fun with. I believe he would like it :D

Beagle, Jack Russell and Yorkshire Terrier are the few that we had shortlisted. Many to come, I supposed. Frankly speaking, we would prefer to have a minature breed because, HDB doesn't allow the breeding of big dogs. Wish us luck in getting a companion for Charcoal but I do hope Charcoal can adapts to the new enviornment! Hehe~

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