Tuesday, October 31, 2006

MELT, The World Cafe

Yohooo! We'll be going to MELT, The World Cafe at The Oriental Hotel again~~~!!!
Yes! Again! The first time was a memorial one, because that was when Hubby Kuo proposed to me. We had a great time munching on the breads, pastries, juices, egg omelette and lots lots more. Its a International Breakfast buffet in exact. By the way, its just 2 weeks ago that we first visited MELT. Hahahha~!

Anyway, it wont be costing us any *blink blink* which means cash lah :P
Well, because 2 weeks ago, Hubby Kuo booked a 3 days 2 nights stay at The Oriental Hotel, just for his propose plan and for our 3rd Anniversary celebration. The package includes complimentary breakfast but you see, my Hubby Kuo can be quite muddle headed at times, so he aint so sure about the breakfast thingy. Being someone who is very "Kaypo", I dialled the Operator during the 2nd night stay, to check with them about the Breakfast deal. According to the Operator, she said that we were only given a complimentary buffet breakfast for 2. Yes, she said that and I took it seriously. We skipped the breakfast!

However, like I mentioned, being someone who is very "Kaypo", I asked Hubby Kuo to re-checked his confirmed reservation details sent by The Oriental Hotel via email. Guessed what? The package actually includes 2 Complimentary Breakfast for 2 days! Damn that operator!
So, we actually wrote a feedback letter lor XD. The Oriental Hotel responded and apologised to us about this issue and we were given a free treat! Not really a free treat but our deserved buffet breakfast! Anyway, I am so so happy about it! Hubby Kuo and I planned to visit MELT this coming Saturday, which happens to be my Birthday! Yohoho!

Another good news to add on, HDB had approved our appeal for the 40K Grant!! Yay!
Thank goodness its been approved because 10K means alot~ Hurray for me and Hubby Kuo!!!

Click on the URL above as stated (MELT, The World Cafe) for review on this cafe

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