Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tiring Day

Uh-uh~ You ain't seeing the wrong Blog.
I had just re-vamped a few bits of the Blog, simply because Black is just too dull and it doesn't fit the concept of a Couple's Blog. Well, yes yes, you may say that I am too conscious about such stuffs. Whatever~ :P

Anyway, yesterday was a super tiring day!
Went to 2 locations for drinks and hell yah, I am so graciously beat to the core~
First, went to Jennie's Amber 21 for its grand opening ceremony and after that, headed to Mr Kuo's friend, Thomas and guys gathering. Mr Kuo was with Thomas and guy , thus I had to head down to look for him, just in case, i meant just in case, he could'nt hold up to his liquor. LOL!

Mr Kuo aint a good drinker, so am I.
I merely had a few drinks over at Amber 21 and I swear I am fainting!
Probably because I don't really drink, just once in a blue moon and hardly touches hard liquor.
Thus, I was like seeing stars and stars circulating around my head. Goshhhhh!
Had also met up with secondary pals like Kailin, used to be known as Elsa and Liuying at Amber 21. We had not met up for like 8 years! Can you imagine that! They still looked the same to me, but definitely more mature and sensible :) Girls like us, grow through the years. Not the width but the brains =X (Hopefully)

Btw, Mrs Tan Jennie's stomach looks way much bigger than the last time I saw her which was like maybe 3 weeks ago? This shows that the baby is growing well and healthy! Hehe~ Jennie look in her fullest form too, put on some weight, looked more bloomer. Good for you girl!

Next up was Thomas and Guys gathering. Sadly, I was the only girl over there. Well, I believe Liwen didn't turn up because probably she wasn't so interested in liquor , plus being the only girl can be very boring and yes, I am hinting to you guys thats what I feel yesterday! Hah! Anyway, Mr Kuo introduced me as " My wife" to them, which somehow or rather makes me fly way high up to the sky. I mean thats how I feel and you cannot deny the fact that I am very blissed with my marraige :D

Last but not least, I will try my best to blog more often although, I may not do that daily but I try to blog say at least 3 times per week? I will get Mr Kuo to blog in also, being this's a Blog for the both of us and he definitely had to contribute isn't it! Hah~ Demanding wife he has :P

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