Monday, October 02, 2006

The Story behind this Blog :)

I started this blog as my Personal blog where I post entries about my life, my wedding and renovation preparations. Eventually when I started living with my partner a.k.a Prince Charming, it sort of emerged into a Food Blog where I post up entries about the recipes that I've tried to please his stomach and you know.. as time passes, the recipe lists gets longer and my Personal blog eventually became my Food Blog where I share recipes. Now, it has also become my Pregnancy Blog where you'll see me updating about my pregnancy :)

It's been a long milestone (not very long actually, hahaha..) but I very much love to continue maintaing my blog like how I'm doing it now. Glad to have your support and appreciate your effort to continue touring my blog with comments and advices that would be of good help to me ;)

Stay Happy!

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