Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's a chaotic day

Hellya~! Today is a chaotic day for me.
First, it started off with me, by not able to wake up on time for work.
Second, I was banged by a student early in the morning while walking to the office to tap my card. Third, my kids were super naughty and having super bad mood swings. Fourth, the class which I reliefed was kind of foul. Foul attitude in exact. It's just not my day :(

Anyway, I still managed to blog in during my lunch time which is only 30 mins today :(
Cause exams going on, time-table had been adjusted and its really packed. How I wish the holidays would just tip at my toes now *Day-dreaming*

Still, I created 2 views of my kitchen interior design. Added a Fridge, shelf and washing machine.
In actual fact, its nto a washing machine but a dishwasher! Hah! Couldn't find any washing machine you see, so had to get anything that looks similar to a washing machine :P

Here it goes~!

Added a Fridge, shelf and a Washing Machine (aka Dishwasher)

Side View of the Interior Design

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