Sunday, October 22, 2006

Our 1st Entry!

To begin with the very 1st post, I ought to introduce this Blog.
The View-finder of Mr and Mrs Kuo was created because of the passion towards photography.

Mr Kuo is a photography freak, in other words, anything that got to do with camera, he's ON!
I'm not kidding it, whenever, wherever, no matter where we go, his precious Nikon would be with him. As a wife, I need to be understanding and accept my husband's needs and interest. Tadah~ here comes this Blog.

This Blog was created not only for the passion of photography, but also the love I wanted to express to my Husband, Mr Kuo Chia Jung. I would like to thank him for everything that he had done for me, all the time scacrified for me, all the endurance towards my short-temper and many to go on. I know that I could be a better wife and I am now trying very hard to be.

My dear Kuo, I know that I maybe naggy at times, but all are for your own sake. There are a few pleases that I would like you to listen to:

- Please turn in early so that you get sufficient sleep
- Please do remember to take your breakfast so that you have the energy to work

- Please do not overwork yourself because it will not be good for your health

I know I'm naggy but that's how I am :P
Last but not least, I will try very hard to maintain this special Blog of ours :D

I love you, My Kuo :)

Always loving you,
Mrs Kuo Manfei

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