Sunday, October 29, 2006

Furnishing Hunt

Yesterday was a fulfilling day. Hubby Kuo and me went to IMM for an important mission - Furnishing Hunting. Well, time is running fast and we had not even thought about how we are going to furnish our new house, moreover our Interior design was not ready yet due to the constraints of not knowing the measurments. The sellers of the house have not found a suitable unit yet, hence being super kind hearted couple, both me and Hubby Kuo agreed to "rent" our apartment FOC for another 2 months to them, so that they need not have to worry about shifting out, without having a place to stay in.

Actually, the real mission was to look out for the lightings that we wanted to place in our new house, especially the Kitchen and the Dinning area. Hubby Kuo's friend, Joshua is quite proficient in Interior Design, thus he had given quite an amount of ideas. He suggested some ideas which are innovative and cost-saving because both of us are really on tight budget. One thing was to replace the false ceiling with spot lights to a more innonvative kind of ceiling lamp for the Kitchen. Another idea that he gave us was to used dropping kind of dew to substitue for partition pillars. I like this idea very very much!

So, we walked around IMM and realised that there aint much Lighting shops, in fact, furnishing and Interior Design shops are all around IMM, plus Bridal boutiques. Hence, we decided to have a switch of misson. Furnishing Hunting was fun, but then it can be quite tiring as well. There are so many selections for us to look at. My eyes were turning here and there and it kind of make me feel giddy. LOL! Sorry, when it comes to shopping for apparels and shoes, I doubt I will have such problem. Anyway, been to quite a number of shops. We even went to the building opposite IMM, known as ODC building. Star Furniture/Furniture Warehouse's over there and its way much bigger than the shops over at IMM. Had a great time looking at the furnitures, especially the sofas! One of the Sales Executive was extremely helpful. He helped us alot by telling us when is the best time to come ( Promos and Sales) and what not to buy. Anyone who wants to go Star Furniture can look for him.

Anyway, that took almost the whole day. Hubby Kuo and me were lazy to walk back to the Interchange, hence we decided to take Bus 52 back to Bishan. Man, the journey was super long and the bus broke down twice or thrice? Never mind about that. I need to "download" the data that I collected back to my Hard drive before it gets transferred to the "Temp Internet Files" and gets deleted when I pressed the "Clear Cookies" or "Delete History Pages" navigation. Hah! Hubby Kuo's memory is even worse than mine! =X So I better starts the download now before he forgets everything! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH

Pictures that we took yesterday

Pouting Lips

Self Snap

Trying to act Innocent

Trying to be suave XD

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