Thursday, September 13, 2007

The world of dilemma

Just gotten back from Hot Yoga. *Yawn*
Body's relaxing and everything just seems to be floating. My eyes are shutting down any moment so I better grab this minute to blog as much as possible.

While resting at True Yoga just now, Ah mei confide in me about her dilemma. She even told me she cried today because of this dilemma issue. I was so shocked! To me, Ah mei's always tbe toughest and strongest girl in our group. It is impossible that she will cry even though things get serious. At that moment, I felt I need to help Ah mei with my almighty power.

Ah mei is feeling very confused now. She has tendered her resignation to her company and the resignation was accepted. However, everyone in the company is holding her back because she's really a nice girl who is responsible in her duties. They co-offered her a rather attractive package. Ah mei told me that the company is quite good in the sense that they are quite flexible with the reporting hours. If you have something on, just inform them and you can definitely be release early from work. It's hard to find such nice company I can say.

Problem now comes. She is not sure if she should stay or she should just quit and awaits the new job. She hasn't secure any job at the moment and she is also deciding to pursue her studies. To me, I thought, if she is going to study then it will be good if her working hours are flexible so I told her to stay on if its possible. Hubby do agreed with me too.

I'm not too sure how I can help Ah mei with her problem. Being in a dilemma is no good thing. I hate dilemma especially when it comes to food. Ban Mian or chicken rice? Choose 1. I hate such questions.

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