Monday, September 10, 2007

Hot Yoga

The Hot yoga session at True yoga was good! I sweat like hell man. I think it really helps in detoxing my body cause after the session, 大Joyz and me headed for our lunch. Right after that, I went to had a apple pie @ Polar and shortly after that, I got the urge to do some real big business! Hahahahahahah~~

It really helps man~ Make me move my bowels within such short period! I don't have to "punish" myself no more to eat bananas~~~~ The facilites over at UOB is simply goregous~ Love it man~ The showering rooms were great too~ Powerful water volume!! Wahahahhaha!
Hair dryer best lah~ Dry my long curly fries within 3 mins!!! Over-all 4 stars for the facilites but 1 star for sales service!

I hate my Sales consultant, Sebastian! I think he's just aiming for commission lor. Though compared my after sales service to the others, he is considered nice, BUT I think he can do it better lorrr. I'm giving him a 4.9K deal man, he should treat me like a queen okie! *Pukesss.. I know my 4.9K is nothing to him lah, cause was chatting with one of the girls I met there and she told me she is paying $250+ per month for 3 years and that makes up to 10K deal! * At least, he picks up my calls but he's not a punctual person lah! Make me wait for him!! Boooooo, I never like waiting.

Anyway, I signed up because I want the sessions not the attention of the sales people lah. IF not, I think I'll be like those Sugar tai tais. The sessions and facilites are good, really! I don't regret signing up and I hope my buddies can sign up with me lor. It's always good to know that your bestest friends are in good shape too! So far, only 1 bestie signed up with me and that's Miss Ah Mei!!! Yohoo~ I think I must arrange a schedule for both of us. All the best to our "slimming + toning"!

Btw, those intersted in going for Trial, sms me or call me! I can bring up to 10 pax for 2 weeks of trial sessions. Only you are really interested in signing up for it lah! Cause, all fittness clubs follow the same procedures that is, you come for Trial, we want your business! It applies to Pure, California, Planet and so so so... Some may not be that agressive but you can truly tell from their expressions when you reject their offer.

If you asked me, why did I signed up with True yoga instead of Pure, it's quite straight forward. Pure is way tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ex for me lor. Also, they got lesser classes compared to True. Of course, I'll opt for the cheaper and better one lor. If you are the kinds that prefers service than classes, then go for Pure, otherwise True is indeed a good choice!

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