Friday, September 21, 2007

Fly me to the moon

It's always heartwarming to know that your bestest buddies' happiest memories were part of yours. It's like a jigsaw puzzle ; every single piece matters. Like many, I have many many happiest moments too!I treasured them like my precious gems and I secured them inside my heart-chest box.

My childhood days were memorable . I spent most of my time playing around the neighbourhood , going to and fro my cousins' house and "helping" out my parents at our Niang Tou Fu's stall many many years ago. I always love the moments spent at the NTF stall, especially figging with the freshly made fishballs! My parents though felt that I ain't doing much help since I was only 5 yrs old at that time, didn't stop me but rather they love having me there because of my chatty box character. I cheer them up with the most hilarious thing that comes out from my mouth. You know, kids-love-to-mutter-nonsense. Moreover, my parents were okay with me that I can take any amount of money from the drawer and buy anything I like. Hey, you tell me which kid doesn't enjoy that. Yah, my parents overly pampered me. That's was when I was 5 years old. After that, mum gave birth to my brother and all the attention was somehow diverted to baby Lixi. Nevertheless, I am still a pampered princess though I get bullied by my elder sister always! Arghh.. She loves pinching me you know! She even threatened me that if I run away, I would have to pay her 50 cents. 50 cents seems like $50 at that time to me. So, yah you know.. My-sister-pinched-me-happily. Of course, mum gave birth to my youngsest brother, Xuanrui and almost 80% of my attention were directed to baby xuanrui. *Sob*

Primary school days were not that fantastic. Frankly speaking, I hated my primary school life. Not because of the classmates I had but the teachers that taught me rather. Primary 1 - Mrs Joyce Tan. I REMEMBER HER DEEPLY! She's not really very responsible, I can say. Even my mum agrees with me. She merely wanted to get over with the lesson by just going through the textbook without much explanation of how to proceed with the contents. I bet she's the one who hinder my progress in English Language. I'm lucky that mum's educated in English else, I can kill myself right away. Primary 2 - Same teacher, same problem, same issue. Primary 3 - Ms Irene Foo. She's super strict but I like. Primary 4 - Ms. Catherine Low. Super fierce and a nagger, I don't like. Primary 5 - Mrs Tan Chey Hia. Okay lor, transferred me to another class because she wanted her class to be prestige and all the average students were transferred. I hate that! Primary 6 - Mrs Ahino. I like! She's very patient and nice. Gave me the most encouragement at that time. Base on the description that I wrote for each and individual teacher, it's not difficult to spot the teacher that I hated the most out of the 5 I had.

Secondary School days were honeymoon to me. I had the most happiest, fun and marevellous time! It's like entirely throughout the years, nothing really gotten me down besides the usual friendship conflicts but it's still beautifully resolved. I'm gald that I had my bestest buddies with me for so many years. All of us went through thick and thin together! I love almost all the teachers that taught me in secondary school. Well, the most favourite would have to go to Mrs Choo Poh Poh! She's really a super teacher. Always there when we needed her the most. *Applause* I love the food over at my secondary school too! Sushi, Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich, Lor Mee, Kway Chap, Mee Soto and so and so. Not forgetting the super torturing TAF program. Oh, I used to be an obese kid. Pui Kia!

Tetiary school days were just normal. Made some nice and humourous friends. Had many 1st attempt like 1st attempt clubbing, 1st attempt drinking alcholic drinks, 1st attempt pong tank class, 1st attempt talk back at lecturers, 1st attempt to copy homework! LOL, 我的第一次 and my very 1st boyfriend too! LOL! Okay, I am shy girl, don't want to say liao lah *Reddish Face*

Anyway, my team leader just walked past me and saw me doing this blog entry. Sayonara, I'm in deep shit!

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