Monday, September 24, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Feeling so refresh especially when it comes to a Sunday. No work, No Worries, No Waking up early, No Rushing for time, No Missing of my favourite serial dramas. I-Love-Sunday! Love cuddling with Hubby on our sofa, enjoying sips of Soya Bean Milk. Oh, did I just spoil the mood? It's supposed to be Earl Gray tea instead of Soya Bean Milk, but gracious me did not stock up any of that royal Earl Gray tea. Booo...

Also, it's seems hundred years that I lasted posted any foodies. Well, well, well, GRACIOUS me simply just plain lazy to snap, edit and upload. Count yourself lucky today because I had my sufficient beauty sleep and I got that mood to do some snappings.

Made some Butterscotch Waffles for Breakfast today. Run out of Maple syrup so had to use Honey instead. Like mentioned earlier, no Earl Gray tea so had to top up with Soya Bean Milk. Wanted to make some chicken patties but realised there's no more chicken in the fridge. Goodness, it's really time to stock up my groceries. Wonder what happen exactly? Did Hubby and me stuffed ourselves so much this month that we ran out of food so soon? Anyway, so I replaced the Chicken patties with chicken sausages instead. I always love sausages especially german and taiwan sausages! Yummy!

As usual, we had our breakfast right beside our full panel windows where beams of sunlight fall upon us. So cozy and romantic. I always love having breakfast. Anyway, drool over my waffles! It's HAND-MADE! I think I should switched to making Pandan flavoured waffles next time round. *Yummy*

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