Saturday, September 15, 2007


I got no idea for what reason, I FELL DEEP IN LOVE WITH YOGA.
No jokes serious. I love Kickboxing too! I guessed it's because I'm not someone who sweats a lot so when it comes to exercising, I prefer something that can really make me wet. *Don't think other way pls*

You know what. I suspects my sweat glands are playing prank on me sometimes. It's like I don't even sweat a single bit during the good old days of Physical Education or the dragful 2.4km run. No, not a single bit! No sweat = no sweat. No matter how hard I squeeze, no sweat! I really envy those who sweats like hell during the run cause I don't have a single drop :(

So, Yoga and Kickboxing make me a happy girl somehow! I totally sweat like there's no tomorrow! Can you imagine my whole tee was wet and it became transulent that you can peep through my bra. Yes, I sweat that lot. So for now, I really need to motivate myself to go for my regular yoga sessions twice/thrice per week and my Kickboxing once per week. Once Kickboxing ends in October, I'll go for the Combat sessions in True Yoga. Hohoho!

Sooooo.. I need more yoga pants and more tops. Sponsors Sponsors Sponsors. Don't try to act blur. I know you are reading my blog! =X

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