Monday, September 17, 2007

Some chit and chat

Was on the way to MRT when Huiping stopped me. Alright, many people are rather "afraid" of her because they always think that she is a weird girl. I don't deny the fact that I felt the same, but I don't avoid her anyway.

She was telling me that her contract would come to an end on 16th october and that means, she'll have no jobs. Furthermore, heard that she came from a rather poor family so she is like supporting her parents and silbings. I think she does need help.

Gave her some advices but seems like she's one stubborn cow. Not only stubborn, she's also very naive. I just wonder if God is really fair to her in some ways. Anyway, I may not be very close to her, I just pray for her that she gets a job ASAP so that she can further her studies and support her family. She's in fact a nice girl just probably someone who's of different frequency from most people.

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