Thursday, September 06, 2007

Offical TY Member

Well, well.. well.... I would like to take this oppoturnity to spread this marvellous news to all of you out there. I AM OFFICALLY A TRUE YOGA MEMBER!

Yes, my wish came true. I thought I would be super, damn, very excited and happy but sadly no. I wasn't that happy, excited after all. I guessed its the montly payment sum that caused that little bad impact. 談錢傷感情呀~~~

Anyway, I got to make sure that I fully utilised my access for the 3 years. Yes yes yes, I signed 3 years with True Yoga, with 14 months FOC that means I get 50 months access for the price of 36 months. Yes Yes Yes, that means I'm paying $97 per month for my unlimited sessions of all sorts of yoga, combat and fittness.

Will be going down for Hot Yoga session with 大 Joyz this saturday. Gotta sleep early on Friday cause I need to wake both 大 Joyz and myself up at 7am. The session starts at 830am! Oh, BTW Mee shyan is coming down with me for a FOC trial session. If she signs with True Yoga, it'll be perfect! I'll have another companion for yoga and combat sessions! Pray hard that she signs and oh ya, Ah mei also signed but she's having a little problem here as she needs a Credit Card to get the package lor. My Credit Card limits is insufficient to help her. Hopefully, Covin is willing to help his little darling else, I really need to get Hubby to call UOB up to rush them though we did today.

Pray me with good figure and good luck with my sessions!

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