Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Know what? I'm seriously trying my best to blog in a more professional way. Like, writing as though I'm doing an essay for some publications, or like I'm doing my own books? In other words, Formal and neat. Too bad my brain cells were protesting against it because, they strongly feels that I am not up to that standard!

Okay, fine I admit. I'm not very fluent with my writing becuase I tense to drift here, pop there and back to the same old topic again. Sounds like my mum? Mum's always trying get me to understand what she wants by going in circles and rounds. I think I'm born to be like my mum. 90% I can say! Even Hubby is saying that the feel and taste of my cookings, the way I stands, how I bargain in markets, tone that I speaks and even the topics I like to discuss resembles my mum. Come on, my mum gave me life, its nature that I resembles her. However, sometimes I do behave and talk like my dad. Obviously, I meant the way my dad and me handles things. We are more calm as compared to my mum and sister.

Anyway, I'm going for Hot Yoga later. Will be going down to Pacific Plaza with Ah Mei. Detox here I come!!!!

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