Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Meet The Parents

Its the half annual Meet the Parents session again. Had it once last year, remembered the post I mentioned that I nearly died of talking? Yah, its back again. As usual, I think I gonna hate talking for like 3 days after this.

My P4 were asking if they could choose not to see me, errr... I mean not ask their parents to chat with me. I wanted to say "YES" enthusiastically but I can't lah, so gotta act act abit :P
I would be most gald if the P4 parents don't wanna come visit me at my cubicle. I would be most gald to tell them.

Anyway, this is the *counting* oh, 3rd day in my new house. Hehehe~ Everythings are like almost done except for some minor issues here and there like e.g. Ironing of the clothes we brought over, cleaning the pots and pans we just bought from Metro etc. It's quite tiring I can say but there is this 滿足感 cause its your very own house with your dearest Hubby. Heee~

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