Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bags Spree!

Msged Janet about Cutie's spree and she told me that she's actually organising Bigi's spree too. Wow, seems like everyone is in the mood for shopping! Hehe, been want-ing to buy some new bags since donkey of years ago. Now, its the chance for me!

Browse through the website and found a number of bags that's really appealing to my eyes. Sad thing is I CANNOT BUY THEM ALL! Arghhhh, that's the saddest thing on earth. Anyway, intro-ed this website to Miss Chew, Miss Lum and Mdm Yeo. I think they are going to slaughter me soon especially Miss Chew. She's already complaining to me that she is addicted to Online shopping! Hahhaha~ Opps, I'm so utterly sorry Miss Chew. I didn't know that shopping is addictive :P







Oh my, oh my god~ Ain't they gorgeous! But, seems like I've met my budget already . Should I buy or should I not! Help me!!! Somebody give me $$ please!!!!


夏り said...

no payback mdm hu..BUT our retail therapy shall continue..hahah.i predict i'll be jobless for the next i shall say "pass" for the bags spree..~life is hard.haha.~

The Viewfinder of Mr and Mrs Kuo said...

Though we got no payback, we got our Performance BONUS! Yohoo, retail therapies will always be there for us!!!! Wahhaha~