Thursday, May 03, 2007

Totally Hooked on these

Well, my auction-crazy-shopping habits is once invading into my brain cells again. Popped into JoYcE ShOp 2 days ago but couldn't find any apparels that catches my eyes. BTW, seems like their cost have increased abit, used to be quite cheap but now more of like retail-shop pricing. Anyway, besides JoYcE ShOp, I used to frequent this auction named 貝思Blythe Zoo but this auction doesn't accept concealed cash and don't even mail it to overseas buyers. DAMN IT!

You guys must be thinking then HOW DO I MANAGED TO BUY IT LAST TIME RIGHT! Exactly, I'm like cracking my memory brain storage box and ohhhh~ used to have Fang Hsin to helped me with it cause she's always going to and fro from taiwan, its quite convenient for her to pay and grab the items for me. Haven't been contacting her since she enrolled into NIE, so yahhh I don't know who to look for now. Hubby was suggesting Tommy since Tommy is staying in Taiwan, but not sure if it's mafan and btw, Tommy my brother-in-law is broke at the moment, so he wont be able to pay for me lahhhhh. I CAN SEND HIM CONCEALED CASH!

Aiyah, don't know leh. I'm like crazy now! Pui Pui Pui, why don't accept concealed cash, why dont send overseas!!! Pui Pui Pui~ 她有她的難言之隱 我就真的頭大啦~~~~~ 拜託~ 幫幫我麻

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