Monday, May 07, 2007

Retail Therapy in D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N

I'm so desperate to commit some RETAIL THERAPY!!!! It's like spinning non-stop in my head and I can't stop my fingers from typing these "". MANNNNNN~ I want to buy clothes leh but I aint got any more cash to spare :(

It's making me so demoralized. It's making me depressed. It's making me sad. It's making me wanna burst out scolding "FCUK". It's making me wanna cry. It's making me wanna blow my top. It's making me wanna rob a bank. It's making me crazy. It's making me getting very annoyed. It's making me muttering ridiculous stuffs. It's definitely making me giddy.

I really hope I do get the payback from Sept 2006 till May 2007 from MOE. I am so desperately in need of money now. Even $100 can make me blink with tears! Now, you know I am so damn broke right. After spending most of my life-time savings on my house + renovations + Electricals + Furnishings, I am utterly broke. Broke till the wits. Hubby also broke cause WE SPENT 95% OF OUR LIFE-TIME SAVINGS ON OUR HOUSE!

財神爺阿~ 請給我一些些橫財運吧! 請讓我中一點馬票,多多博採吧!!! 拜託~~~~

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