Saturday, May 19, 2007

First attempt to post at my NEW HOUSE

Yohooo! Can you believe that I'm actually right at my new house! YES YES YES! Alright, I stole someones network and started to use the free Internet here. Wahahha~ Anyway, feel damn happy to blog in my very own property lor.

So far everything been good. Renovation completed except for some minor paintings to be done. Did I tell you that I love my Mini-Walk-In Wardrobe and my Kitchen! Oh man, you guys should really find one good and auspicious day to visit my house. With my very good mood, I am sure I can bake you guys delicious pies and cakes. Hehehe~

Will post up the pics of my house real soon once I've got the house warming party done up. Okie, that will be most likely in July :P Alright people, I need to go clean my house again .

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