Thursday, May 10, 2007

D.R.E.A.M comes true

Yohoo~ After so many days of chanting, my charm finally works!!!!!!! Just received a joyous news from Miss Peh that we will be receiving PDB from MOE! Yeahhh! Now, you know I'm super whopper in a good mood.

Hmmm, finally able to collate my order list from Cutie Fashion. However, more cell-killing problems lah. Wanted to ask my Mother-in-law to post the items to me from Taiwan, but she's a thrifty person and furthermore she will be coming to Singapore on the 25th June so she's most likely, I mean definitely going to tell me that she will bring the items over instead of mailing. Duh, reason = to save the postage!

Seriously speaking, it's not so fair for Miss Chew to wait so long and frankly speaking, I CAN'T WAIT TOO ! So, what I need to do is, gather people to combine the order of 30 pieces of any apparel/items from the online store. I've got 6 items on my hand, Miss Chew most likely 4, my cousin Jessica maybe 2 so that makes up 12. WE NEED 18 more!!!! Miss Chew's friend will be joining and tomorrow we'll try to psyco the teacher friends in school. Hopefully we can meet the 30 pcs target by sunday. [Because one of my item going to close on sunday :( ]

Here's my list:

內條木釦短版外套 White

質感派珍珠釦短袖蕾絲襯衫 White

玉金香小包袖亮蔥針織外套 Grey

彩色內條背+垂領T二式 Blue

捲邊二開釦海鷗素T Pink and Peach

春季氣氛印花短袖襯衫 Pink

Cutie Fashion Website

Those who are interested, please leave a comment. I will take your orders accordingly. Please make your orders by 12 May. Thanks!

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