Thursday, May 17, 2007

Very Mutual 師生"互動"

Alright, was very pissed with Nicholas's behaviour today. He actually brought his playdoh to class and played that stupid playdoh throughout my lesson! 我真的受夠了! Basically my Primary 1 kids are all very nice angels though they can be quite mischievous and but seriously, which kid doesn't? I bet even the good mannered kids have their naughty sides too.

Nicholas is soooo different from the other kids. Okay, he's suspected to be ADHD ( Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder), but I've got students who are tested to be ADHD and they ain't like him at all! This is the 1st time I've ever got so pissed off with a kid. I'm sorry, I know I shouldn't say that but I'm really very frustrated with Nicholas.

Firstly, I DONT scold him at all. I talked to him in a very polite, gentle and nice way but he treated me like a nobody and simply just ignore what I've said. Secondly, he loves to play with anything that appears in front of him especially sharp objects such as Scissors or Thumb tacks. Thirdly, he likes to walked around the class without any reasons and suddenly lifting up the broom and starts to throw the broom up. Fourthly, he don't take instructions and often did not complete my homework as well. I am so tired of telling him about what he should and what he should not do.

Today, I talked about Nicholas to Chai. For your info, Chai's Nicholas Form teacher. Chai told me that she is not able to stand Nicholas too! However, because she's Nicholas's form teacher, she cannot just chuck him aside. So, she's telling me that she's bearing with Nicholas every single day. Like I said earlier on, Nicholas is suspected to be ADHD so the school actually put him on several tests.

One of the test is actually about the school environment and his liking and disliking. He was asked about his favourite subjects and why he like those subjects. Okay, he LOVE Art and English. When asked about the subjects that he doesn't like, he answered "Chinese". Okay, fine and they asked him about the reason. His answers were " 1. I don't like to read/talk in Chinese 2. I don't like to write chinese wordings 3. I DON'T LIKE MY CHINESE TEACHER".

WHAT THE?!?!?! Seriously, it hurt me abit at first because I am very patient with him all along. I don't scold him at all! Maybe once because he was trying to use the scissors to cut one of the girl's hair but since that incident, I HAVE NEVER SCOLDED HIM! When he did something wrong, I would talked to him in a very nice way like e.g " Nicholas, you should'nt be playing with playdoh during lessons. If you do, then you wouldn't understand how to read or write the new words that we will be learning today" or "Nicholas, everyone's playing attention so you gotta play attention too alright?"

Sometimes I try to act childish so that he can understand what I'm trying to tell him. BUT HE SIMPLY CHUCK ME ASIDE! Alright, it's actually a Mutual feeling lah. You don't like your chinese teacher, you think I like you meh! Hmph Hmph*

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