Sunday, June 03, 2007


Sorry dudes and babes for the lack of updates recently. Haven't really got the time to blog since I just shifted into my own property with my dearest Hubby 2 weeks ago. Things are getting stable now just that, there are still some minor stuffs to get in view. For e.g. The string curtains, curtains for the house, Rugs and Mats and lots of other stuffs.

My wonderful Daddy really helped tonnes in cleaning up my house cause he really dotes on me so much that he can't bear to let me do all those chores. I am really lucky and fortunate to have my wonderful parents. Mummy's always calling to check if I'm eating good and if I need any other stuffs. 天下父母心,畢竟我從小到大都沒離家那麼久。現在卻是長久的跟著自己的另一伴生活,我想 Daddy Mummy真的很不捨得 + 不放心。I really love my parents so much that I'm getting parents-sick and I'm missing them sooooo much though they are just staying like 2.1Km away from me.

我很愛我的父母~ 真的好想他們呀! *迷之聲: 拜託,你又不是人在外國居住!*
I actually teared occasionally because I really miss my parents. Probably I'm not used at the moment. My house always full of noises and laughters cause my parents and siblings are always chatting and laughing through out the day. Now that I'm staying with Hubby , the house is much more quieter. I guessed I need time to get used to the lifestyle I'm starting right now. Hee~ I'm so 幸福 to have my wonderful parents and my loving hubby :)


夏り said...

喂。。听了好感动耶。是酱的啦。。缺少了才会更加珍惜嘛。是好事儿!嘿。希望你的适应期会赶快熬过,工作稳定之后,明天会更好!太无聊。。又讲废话了。我们的cutie在哪里。。。。。。。。。。 哈哈。耐性。。耐性。。

jimbo said...

嘿阿~或許現在步入人生中的一個新階段所以感觸很深。我真的很想念在家的日子內~所以現在幾乎每隔幾天就回娘家~ 嘿嘿嘿! I think I'm overly pampered and well protected by my parents!