Monday, June 18, 2007

Don't take customers for granted

Alright, I'm actually pissed off while writing this blog entry. WHY? Because Starhub charged me for the servicing of their SCV Cable box! What The Hell! I am in nature quite civilised in terms of language, attitude and behaviour. It only occur to me to use vulgaraities only when I AM REALLY, TRULY and DEEPLY ANGRY.

Here goes the story:

On Friday night, my cable Tv suddenly mis-functioned. I couldn't switched any channels so I thought most probably it's the power consumption problem cause it happened previously. So being someone very careful with Technology gadgets, I carefully off the Cable box and off the TV plus the power, let the whole mechanism rest for like 15 mins. After which I on it again and to realised the TV box can't be powered on! Gosh~ So I panicked, yes I panicked cause I am so scared that Hubby would scold me lah and cause majority of the time, I'm the one hooking onto the cable box. I had to called for help without any choice so Hubby came and asked me about it. I told him and he used the same method, switching everything off and re-on it again.

This time, the cable box was able to be switched on and so we proceed to on the TV. BUT, we got this message on the TV that goes " Upgrading in process, Please do not switch off your Cable Box". Oh well, so we thought the whole thing occurred because Starhub is doing some upgrading. However, the next moment the messaged turned to be " Loading" and it was like loading for a few hours. So we tried to switched off the TV box and now man, couldn't ! As usual, I called 1633 for SOS.

The lady was polite and asked about my problem. Re-told her the same old story and she said that the cable box might be faulty and so arranged for servicing. I was told that if the box is really faulty, the technician would proceed to change a new box for us on the spot and its FOC and if its due to the loosen of the cables then I would have to pay $30+ for the charges. I've no problem with that so arranged it to be today.

Guessed what? Today the stupid technician came flip flip, turn turn, try try and said that the box is faulty. Guessed what he said later on? HE FUCKING SAID THAT I NEED TO GO DOWN TO HOUGANG AVE 3 TO GET MY BOX FOR SERVICE OR HE WILL HAVE TO CHARGED ME $52 IF HE WERE TO BRING IT DOWN FOR ME! FUCK FUCK FUCK! I am so utterly pissed off with his attitude lor. He just threw me that sentence and expect me to nod my head? Fuck his asshole lah. I told him to take the box down for me and he can tell me again that $52 will be charged to my next statement. Though I'm super whopper angry, I told him in a nicer tone that I will deal with this myself. He gave a very shocking look and said "ok". Maybe I showed him that " You wont like me when I am angry" look.

So off I showed the experience I gotten from my ex-customer service job. I called 1633 again, told the person my scenario and demanded that I WANT TO WAVIVE OFF THAT $52. She was telling me that she needs to check my record so she checked and asked me to tell her the whole story again. IS SHE DEAF OR SENILE? So I repeated it all over again. From my tone, it's so obvious that I am very angry and I know she kinda scared of me. So she was extremely polite to me. Finally, without much talking, she said that the $52 will be waived off.

Anyway, frankly I am someone who will not scold vulguar unless I'm being forced to. So don't get surprised by how I acted today cause killing off my TV time = Asking me to jump down from Westin Stamford.

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