Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wedding Affairs

Attended the ROM of Fusheng and Jehanne last night. The food was good especially the Mee Siam and Chocolate Fondue. YEAH, chocolate fondue! They were very kind thought-ed to provide chocolate fondue to their guests *ahem Me especially* who loveSSSSS chocolate! I tell you hor, the chocolate is damn shiosk! I think I ate 20 strawberries, 10 heart shaped cakes, 2 waffle sticks and 15 bananas. BANANAS? Did I say bananas? Hahaha, hell yeah! Someone who hates bananas actually ate 15 bananas, only in Fondue lah.

Anyway, the ambience's was good too although it did rained abit in the afternoon. Chalet was cheap and good and clean and spacious and air conditioned and and and I wanna booked it next time! As usual, Hubby and his gangs of buddies went mad after drinking like I forgot the counts of beers, red wines and even Choya! That's what happen when someone gets married.

Good Shot

Candid Shot with Ah seng closed eyes

Outside NSRCC at 2am waiting for cab

Fiddling with the controller

Fat thighs. They says I looked like Sharon Auuuuuuu

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