Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tai Tai Wannabe

Yesterday was Kavez's 16th Birthday. Didn't really had a celebration with him cause my sister's at her own house, my brother in NS. Thus only me and hubby went over to my parents' house. Mum didn't cooked much either, Poor Kavez~ His sweet 16 birthday was spent more of like a normal day :P

Anyway, smsed him about what he wants for his birthday present and he replied " Sponsor for my piano lessons". I was like "Duh! You think I earn $10,000 per month?". However, after some serious thoughts, Kavez have been always very persistent towards music. He's always learning how to advance his skills on Yiwei's keyboard and seriously, I've never seen him so serious before.

Daddy totally agreed and said that he's willing to sponsor Kavez for the fees. Well, I didn't really buy much stuffs for Kavez except for snacks and clothes, so Hubby and I decided to sponsored him for the Yamaha Pop Piano Music Course which is 6 mths duration. It's not that expensive as what I expected. $75 per mth, inclusive of GST. My parents and me will observe Kavez if he is really serious in this Music Course. If he really showed alot of interests in Piano, we'll get him a piano, a 2nd hand one most probably cause 1st hand Piano can be quite expensive.

Btw, Hubby said I'm looking more and more like a Tai Tai. Yeah, I want to be a true Tai Tai!!! Wearing lots of blings blings, bringing branded bags and putting on branded apparels and accessories. Wohooo~ aint that gorgeous! *Knock Knock stop dreaming* Anyway, been wanting to get myself a Gucci Bag *Evil Grin and look at Hubby*

Chio right! Pinky! I can be a frantic for pink!

Matureeee~ But I like it!!

This look cool too! Very trendy ~

I've got this but getting another pink one (below) would be greater !


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