Thursday, July 05, 2007


蜜糖˙月亮? Wahaha, its Honeymoon in direct translate :P Been thinking where to go for our Honeymoon since starting of 2007. So far I have already shortlisted a couple of countries, e.g. Paris, London, Greece, Mauritius, Maldives, Australia, Japan, Dubai ..... and so on.

Due to the money constraint, (Because we are going to built a walk-in shoes cabinet at the living room so that means another pile of money flying away from our bank account) we have to like delete some of them from the list. Eeeeeekk, ain't there anything for FREE in this world ?

So far, Mauritius is on my top list because its so damn beautiful and relaxing! I mean you won't wanna spend your honeymoon shopping and eating right? Though I am a certified shopping princess, I still feel that honeymoon must be relaxing and romantic. If Mauritius is too expensive, then probably Australia will be next in list. Cheap and cozy country where we can opt for the countryside stay and do some farmings and 牧羊! Wohoooo! But seriously, I STILL WANT MAURITIUS!

Look at the clear blue skies and the crystal clear water!

Chio right! Chio right! Chio right!

P.S : My Gucci Bag coming on the way! Yohooooooooooo

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