Sunday, July 08, 2007


Alright, I know everyone of you have been waiting for the wedding pictures till you gonna look like a giraffe. I'm trying very best to upload all of them ASAP. Do give me more time okie ? Every picture is rather big in Megabytes so it can take some time. Just be patient, I'll show you all the juicest and nicest pictures!

So for now, I'll tender up the pictures I've so far successfully uploaded. Have fun and enjoy! Captions enabled! Do give some comments! Please do not repeat like "Bride is so beautiful" >> I'm always 24X7, 365days beautiful and pretty. :P

Don't worry, the Kutus (Head Lices) will not be able to escape out from my eyes

Hmm... Looks delicious leh~ Can eat anot?

The most eligible Housewives for the year 2007

Shiosk, tastier with Chilli! New creation of "Subway" Toast

Look at this D24 durian paste, smell so nice hor. Must be very tasty!

Yummy Toast taste best with Condensed milk! Come try, come try!

Cheers! 終於嫁出去了! *Sleepy eyes with puffy eye bags* Arghhh...

With my Greatest Parents. Thank you Daddy and Mummy. I love you two!
Look at my stupid eye bags and my small eyes!!!!!! Eeeeekkkkkk

With 媒婆 Stacy

With Gorilla, 思敏

With Monkey, Jolene

With 乾女兒, Angela

With CK Tang Heir, 詩琪

With Tomato, 佩芬

With Hot-dog fingers, 慧美

With Act cute girl, 佩儀

With my wonderful 姐妹!

With my almighty brothers, cousins and 1 nephew!

Hum Sup Lou. Oppps, I mean Handsome boy

Ang Bao first arbo I let you surrender

Okie, Hoh say more than market value

Cham, get married also must go through IPPT

*Roars* 霍元甲!

Aiyah, 我們慘liao lah

Wah, how you know I got fetish for panties! I love to smell them *Opps*

Besides smelling them, I love to wear them too! *Shy*

加油! 加油!

No money no talk!

Wah lao, How you know I never take my breakfast!

Feeling like puking? Kick your ass if you dare to do that!

Hey folks, that's the best I can do tonight! Stay tune for more!

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