Friday, July 13, 2007

I need your sponsorshipppp

Looking freaking fat and flabby now. I really need to get all these dangling fats off my body, tone up the muscles and kick myself to exercise. I'm looking at a Fitness membership program where I can go for unlimited Kickboxing, Yoga, Pilates or even CardioBox classes.

Koanne's in California Fitness, pays $70 per month, gets unlimited sessions of ANY classes and gets to visit the gym anytime.

Linda, Michelle and Joyce are with True Yoga, where Linda and Mich pays $200+ per month , get to go to any True Yoga outlets, enjoy unlimited yoga or pilate sessions and Joyce pays $99 per month, where she visits the one at Raffles and also enjoys unlimited sessions.

Ping姐 used to be a member of Amore, enjoy 12 sessions of any classes for a period of 3 months and pay $180. * That's freaking expensive!*

I need an affordable and good Fitness Membership! I need someone to sponsor for my membership!

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