Tuesday, July 17, 2007


真的什麼都别说 彩虹正在消失

以後的以後再说 你安静的眼神

Love is a beautiful thing 多美丽 多难得
Love is a wonderful thing 就是那麼爱你

爱是一种毒瘾 正在发作

你知道我爱你 会爱到很久
甜蜜不必急著说 慢慢享受
连天使都忌妒的生活 (幸福的生活)

真的什麼都别说 安静也是沟通
几个呼吸就够 说什麼都嫌太多
把现在的画面 留到老的时候

只要看你一秒 那些亿万个心愿

I am totally in love with this song~! Its like love at 1st sight and I kept playing it on my MP3 player. I think I had this song played for like 500 times, repeating and repeating and even blast it till the max volume. Maybe the people taking the same tram as me everyday would have already known how to sing this song! Wahahahah~

I love 曹格you know~ He's my Husband look-alike, or should I say my husband looks like him? Hmmmm~ My cousins, my cousins's cousins, my ex colleagues, my friends, my friends' friend and the list goes on. Though Miss chew finds that hubby resembles Tank, I still find him 曹格 look alike! *Jumping in Joy*

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