Friday, March 30, 2007

Shoo that throaty thing

Down with Sore throat once AGAIN! I think this throaty bug is like spreading in the office. This month, so many of my colleagues were down on ML cause of Sore Throat. Yesterday, See Ling was down with it as well. I never knew that SORE THROAT is air borne. Hmmmm... *Deep thought-ing*

Tomorrow's the day for my Wedding photoshoots. Very nervous and scared. Nervous because I wonder how the effects would turn out to be and scared cause I am not sure if I can still fit into my gowns. Booooo! Also, I won't be taking pics at the old premises of SJC cause the school is close tomorrow. TMD!

Anyway, hopefully our Photographer can take us to some places where we can take real nice pics. Now, I need to mediate and chiong for tomorrow! Gambatte!

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