Monday, March 26, 2007

Retail Therapy

Ever since I stepped into the Educational sector, Retail therapy has becomes a routine which now emerged into my weekend lifestyle. Can't deny the satisfaction from the fact that you are carrying many many shopping bags with items that will drool your whole evening off.

The real problem that lead to all these retail therapies from evolving into my brains are my school workloads that are never seen missing from my uncountable brain nerves and cells. They truly make me feel so depressed and nervous whenever the weekends are coming to an end. I can seriously swear to you that this is not right. Luckily, I am not the only one. SK's Buddy, Shirley and Serene 俗稱 大Ss are encountering the exact emotions! Oh man, this is not good, this is not good. Now, I can really understand why they always says "除了父母,老師最偉大" and why they always says School is your second home. Yah, SCHOOL is definitely my 2nd home since 26th July 2006!

Alright, stop my auntie nagging. Well, as stated of above, been doing retail therapies as usual. Last friday, went to Vivo with Hubby for a yummy dinner at White Dog Cafe, followed by a shopping spreee at Pull and Bear. Wohooo! I love the current season of Pull and Bear's Apparels! It' totally flacked me off the stress I am having and tadah, bought 2 items!

Hohoho~ Anyway, never mind about my apparels since I won't be posting the pics up :P Let's chat about White Dog cafe! The ambience's cosy and relaxing over plus their Platter's super yummy and worthwhile! I love their Calamarisssss! Did I tell you guys that I'm a Sotong freak? I love sotong so long its deep fried, taro-cooked, sambal cooked! You named it, I love it!!!! They served not bad pasta too but I like the one at Takashimaya Basement more. Nono, not the Pasta cafe but the one located in the food court. Heeee..


夏り said...

i swear by retail therapy...never so much till i become lao ti? dee?(as in pig..shit.realised it's impossible to type Pig in hokkien)shiok rite..been mango-ing and zara-ing..happy-ing. haha..大S's..that's a gd ept! of us shld go shopping during d in real shopping..not after sch at compasspoint type k..hahahaha.

Orange said...

Hahaha! Miss Chew! Paiseh neh, recently been sick and busy so nv view my comments :P YAH! WE SHOULD GO TOWN FOR RETAIL SHOPPING AND NOT COMPASS POINT! Wahhaha!