Thursday, March 15, 2007

My sweetie pie

It's been quite sometime since I last saw my little sweetie nephew. Well, because my cousin enrolled my nephew into a well-known Childcare located in NUS, hence sweetie nephew actually moved to stay with his parents in Sembawang. *SOB*

I missed my nephew so much! The moment I stepped into 姑姑's house, just for your info, my nephew = 姑姑's grandson, my sweetie nephew rushed to hugged me and called me "姨姨" loudly! I was so touched cause he actually missed me too! I could sense that he's super whopper happy cause he kept asking me to stick with him. Hehe~

Played with him and realised that my nephew's so clever now! He can now mutter 2 syllabus words instead of 1 as compared to the past. Meaning, he can say out words like "Dust-bin", "Un-cle", "Thank You", "Mum-my" and "Dad-dy". He also made handicrafts during his "lessons". Though I really miss my nephew and I really want him to stay in Hougang but for his future, I guessed sending him to attend Childcare to train him for his independently is really good.

Burvin, 姨姨好想你 + 愛你 ! BTW, 姨丈 also misses you!

Me and my daring!
PS: Pardon me for my sweaty and oily face >.<

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