Monday, March 12, 2007

Botanic Garden

Had a mini excursion to Botanic Garden on the 10th March! Hahah, can't believe it right!
How many years have you not visited Botanic Garden? I've asked myself this question and answer was a surprising 14 years! Yeah~ It's so damn long ago since I went to Botanic garden.

Anyway, Hubby and me "jio" Michael, Thomas and gang along too! It's so fun cause we've never went to such places with them before. To them, paying a visit to Botanic garden seems weird, so that's make the sense that they would never want to go to such places for the usual gathering. HAHAHAHAH~

I made Potato Salad, Egg and Tuna Mayo for our picnic session. Hehe~ They all love my potato salad! So 滿足 when people likes the food that you've done and okay, I was beaming with joy. After our excursion, we dropped down to Far East Square to have our dinner at 別府, a Japanese restaurant which years years years ago when I'm still in Poly, had been eating there. I ordered a 4級辣 Ramen and totally drown myself with water the next moment. TOOO SPICY but shiosk! Hubby ordered a Braised Pork Ramen which's only 2級辣 and he couldn't take it. Hahaha~

Probably shall go down with my 姐妹淘 one of these days ;)

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