Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Got to know this site from my friend, Ling. She used to "jio" me to buy apparels from here but because its an US site so somehow its rather costly. Just happened to "browse" through their new revamped website and caught an eye on this stunning turquoise tube dress!

It's so summerly! Feel like buying it but.... seeme like I've just burnt a hole in my pocket recently and it's just the begining of the month! ( P.s: My salary normally comes ard mid week 11th or 12th) Arghhh~ Any sponsors!!!!

This looks good too!

and this

and this this

and theseeeee

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little_girl84 said...

hey girl.. if u are really lemming for these stuff, how abt trying it out at

it will be cheaper..
tt's how i get my stuff.. :X