Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Back to school

Finally back to school for work. As usual, been very sleepy throughout. My tummy still aches abit but definitely much better as compared to Thursday. Had No-Egg Fried rice for lunch with chinchalok! *Yummy*

Realised that my books had been piling since I was on MC for 2 days. Man, these can kill me!!!!! Can some kind souls offer their help in marking my books, pleaseeeeee~ My Primary 1 were okay this morning except for some naughty tricks. Primary 2 were considered good since nobody shouted or misbehaved. Primary 4 were good as usual with all those jokes and fun.

Lastly, school gonna end late cause there's Interhouse competition later. Sighh~ when will there be a day where I can really go home early like say 1.30pm sharp!

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