Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy 2010!

How time flies!! Goodbye 2009 and Hello 2010 in a wink!

I can't remember how many Happy New Year have I greet in my blog, I think probably 3?
2009 may not be a prosperous year for many out there due to the major economic crisis and dramatic recession around the globe but I'm pretty sure each of us learnt something from our lesson, especially on the investment part. Haha!

2010 will definitely be a good year for me especially! In another 3 months plus time, I'll be delivering my Little Kwok! I really can't wait to see him! For now, I'll concentrate on my pregnancy and hope that Little Kwok absorbs all the good nutrients from me and continue to grow healthily. I hope all my families will be blessed with happiness and good health and wealth! Huat ah! :P

Anyway, didn't really celebrate New Year. Just a simple one at home with Prince Charming and his friends (Opps.. Actually I was sleeping like a log throughout the night). On New Year day, I did a humble dinner for both of us cause Prince Charming was really tired from the "celebration" at home the night before.

Cooked Butter Corn Rice which was featured on TVBS 生活好事兒. Really a simple dish to whipped up within minutes. Just purely melting some butter in the pan, stirring in some minced garlic and onions and adding in the washed rice and stir till fragrant. Add in the corn lastly and mix well. Pour the mixture into the Rice cooker pot and pour stock over it. Just enough to cover the rice and bring it to cook till done. SIMPLE right!

Prince Charming requested for spinach because he wanna be strong like Popeyes, hahaa.. So I bought a packet and stiry fry it with some oyster sauce. Simple deli! We bought 2 packet of Frozen Deep fried chicken from Fair Price the other day so Prince Charming requested for the one with Seaweed. Deep fried it and was served together with the other 2 as our dinner.

Simple yet fulfilling! I'm not a fussy eater you see! Kekee...


Irene's Footprints said...

wow so attractive meals and presentation. I would love to try them too.

Kadra K. said...

What a cute meal! Congratulations on your pregnancy, and best of luck.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thanks Kadra!