Monday, January 18, 2010

One very important List!

I'm officially in my 3rd Trimester now! Looking at my Pregnancy Ticker ( at the right bottom of my banner if case you get "Ah, where?), it's another 82 days till my EDD (Estimated Due Date). My Gynae did mention that most women tend to deliver their babies at around Week 38 ~ Week 39 but of course, it much depends on individual.

I read through some forum that it is best to pack my bag for Delivery at around 30 weeks ~ 33 weeks. I'm just into my Week 28 and have been researching up and down the necessities of what to bring. My sister, currently into her 2nd Trimester does not seems to have time for me (Dealing with her school and my niece + Brother-in-Law) so I dare not hinder her time since I know she really need more rest than I do! She's a teacher and I used to be one (okay.. contract teaching for 1 year) so I truly understand the minimal time she has for herself.

Alright, after doing some search via Google I sourced through a few local forums and got the following Bag list. I'm going to post it here for Prince Charming and my convenience! Also to share with all the First-time Mum-T0-Be like me :)

Bag List for Delivery

  1. Antenatal & Outpatient Appointment Card
  2. ATM Card & Cash
  3. Gynae Letter (If any)
  4. NRIC of both Husband and Wife
  5. ROM Certificate and Bank Account Book/Statement (For Baby bonus Admin)
Mummy's Item
  1. Cord Blood Banking Kit - Must remember to pass this to your Gynae before Delivery
  2. Disposable Breast Pads - To absorb leaking Colostrum
  3. Disposable Cotton Panties
  4. Breast pump - You can start to pump your supply if there is
  5. Hair Accessories (e.g. Hair Band/Comb) - To tidy up your hair
  6. Face and Bath towel - In case the ward does not supply
  7. A set of Home Clothes - To wear upon discharge from Hospital, preferably a dress
  8. A pair of shoes - Best to wear Slipper for easy convenience
  9. Maternity Pads - To absorb heavy postpartum Blood flow
  10. Mobile Phone & Charger - VERY IMPORTANT!
  11. Nipple Shields - To protect sore or cracked nipples while breast feeding
  12. Nursing Bras - To use with Disposable Breast pads
  13. Socks - To keep your feet warm, it can get very cold inside the ward
  14. Spare Plastic bags - To store soiled clothes & towels
  15. A box of tissues
  16. Toiletries - Just in case the hospital does not supply
  17. Cooling Bag - To store your milk supply if any
  18. Breast milk Storage bag - If you have over-excessive volume of breast milk
Baby's Item
  1. Receiving Blanket/Baby Blanket - To wrap and warm baby upon discharge from hopsital
  2. Booties & Socks
  3. Mittens
  4. A set of Newborn Clothes
  5. Newborn Size Disposable Diapers (Usually supplied by Hospital)

Daddy's Item (If Daddy is staying over with Mummy) - Something that I added myself!
  1. Sweater - The ward can get very cold during the night so it is best that the daddy prepares a set of Sweater so that he can keeps himself warm. Alternatively, you can request for a blanket from the Hospital.

  2. Snacks - In case the daddy gets hungry and become grumpy. (Opps.. which always happen to Prince Charming!

  3. Magazines/Games/MP3 - To keep the daddy entertained which Prince Charming needs so badly. I can predict that!

  4. Camera/Video cam - To capture the precious moments~


Jessica said...

hihi. wow... u bringing lots of stuff to hospital.
during my first time delivery.. i only brought my sweater, towel, comb, toothbrush, and toothpaste etc..
the others.. i got my hubby to bring over on the date discharge.
Think i need to start packing my bag too..

Aimei said...

haha this is useful for many to-be mothers!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Serious? I'm not exactly sure but these items listed were those that I taken from local forums :P

But for the Breast milk storage bags and Breast pump, I added them myself cause there's a few list which did mention about bringing your own breast pump for hygienic purpose.

Exactly! Being a First-Time Mum myself, I was looking anxiously of what to bring and what's not. My Hubby was commenting "Wah, so many things to bring?" LOL!

nutcase said...

kkh will give bb diapers+wet wipes+tissue box & mummy (toiletries bag-shampoo+conditioner+bath foam+comb+toothbrush+toothpaste+face towel)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Wooh Nutcase!
I can strike off some items from the list then! Makes the hospital bag lighter! Hehee..