Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Saturday!

Had a hearty breakfast and yum my day off! :)

Breakfast consists of Crispy Butter Croissant, Cocktail Hotdogs and Scramble eggs.
It's a simple meal but just make my day happy!

Made some Claypot Chicken rice for Dinner, with some Oyster sauce Veggies.
Prince Charming was amazed that I cooked Veggies! (Well... since my pregnancy I started to list Veggies as one of my "I-don't-like food item). I added in A LOT of preserved meat in the claypot rice cause Prince Charming loves them so much and I drizzle so much dark soy sauce (opps). The aroma just perks up our appetite that we had 2 bowls of it!

Oh, did I mention that the Claypot cracked while the rice was simmering?
I need a new claypot!!!!


Quinn said...

You're back and pregnant...Man, the last time I last saw a post was the strawberry swiss roll and I've not been here ever since. You're pregnant now!!! Congratz! Saw the pic of you and tummy growing bigger and bigger by weeks. Why aren't you smiling??? Must smile more since you're pregnant now and must listen to Mozart! It really helps baby's growth and intelligence!

Irene's Footprints said...

wow the breakfast and dinner all looks good to me!