Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something to post before CNY!

I have so many stuffs on my list that I really wanted badly but, Prince Charming said we have to eliminate those that are deem unnecessary and only get the ones that we REALLY REALLY need. Okay, FINE...

#1: Slow Cooker
I so wanted it and nearly got myself a small Slow Cooker but got a big one for my mummy in the end cause I knew I probably won't use it for long (maybe just 4 times max) since I'm not cooking/baking much nowadays (Get tired easily lah!) and mummy is always brewing soups for me and I know the one she's been using is really really old and a tad too small.

#2: Multi-Tier Steamer
Prince Charming is worried about the limited space we have in our Kitchen. Exactly! That's pretty much what I'm worried too. My Kitchen is as small as a mouse hole and most of the space are much occupied by the huge Whirlpool Fridge. Having a Multi-Tier steamer would mean that I need to get rid of one of the electrical appliances that is sitting on my table top right now. Rice Cooker - No! Hot Pot - No! Cooker Hob - NO! Tell me, which one should I discard to fit in my Multi-Tier Steamer?

#3: Microwave Oven
Exactly the same problem I'm facing as #2 and my mummy kept nagging that Microwave generates a huge amount of radiation that's not good for humans.

#4: Dehumidifier
Prince Charming has been complaining so much about the humidity problems we are facing in our Walk-in Wardrobe. For those who have not visited my house, my shower room is just right inside my Walk-in Wardrobe and it seems that tonnes of moisture are escaping from the shower room and finding refuge in the Wardrobe. It sort of makes our clothing a little "wetter" but lucky enough, not adding extra scent or fungus to it (Maybe cause we don't poo in the shower room :P) This is making Prince Charming a little frustrated. Well, oh well.. we can't seems to find a small dehumidifier anywhere in Singapore and our Walk-in Wardrobe can't accommodate any bigger ones (1 disadvantage of staying a new flat = very small area!) Sigh.. also we don't have any electrical slot in the WIW and I don't really like the idea of using the extension unit! It will make my WIW looks untidy! (

#5: Playpen
Thought of placing the Playpen in the living room so while I'm doing any house chores or cooking in the kitchen, at least I can see my baby without walking to and fro from my Bedroom and making myself assured that my baby is still within my eye level but...... my living room is pathetically small :( I don't even know where to squeeze out a space to fit in the playpen. My alternative other than a playpen would be a Play Gym.

#6: Diaper Bag
In a dilemma whether to just get a cheap diaper bag or should I get something that I like. Prince Charming prefer that I get a diaper bag that I really like because he wants me to feel proud carrying that diaper bag. Actually.. he got his motive because if I get myself a nice diaper bag, he will have the excuse to get himself a Crumpler bag which he will uses it as Daddy's diaper bag! God.. what a clever husband I have!


nutcase said...

#1: Slow Cooker
- u need this next time when bb starts to eat porridge
#2: Multi-Tier Steamer
- easy for u when gotta manage bb & cook a decent meal
#3: Microwave Oven
- again, easy to cook/heat up food
#4: Dehumidifier
- can use those hippo dehumidifier? no cords...
#5: Playpen/playgym
- both take up space. maybe change the bulky furniture?
#6: Diaper Bag
- i use diaper bag cos given by a fren. but most of the times, i use my bigger shoulder/sling bags cos i feel they are friendlier to use

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

I don't know leh.. problem is my kitchen is mousehole.. I don't know got space to put all these appliances anot.. DH says can use Rice cooker to steam cause got the steaming function.. then Microwave I think mum will nag 10x more.. then slow cooker MIL will says can use 大同電鍋! HAHAHA.. u know lah hor..

hoho said...

Where you bought the RIVAL slow cooker in Singapore?