Sunday, December 20, 2009

Konnichiwa! An All Japanese meal

My company organized a Team building program where they hired a chef to teach us how to do sushi the other day. Although I sort of know how to roll a sushi but Prince Charming always fuss with the vinegar taste of my Sushi rice. He finds it not "sourish" enough and hopes that I can make some for him to try since he knew that I enjoyed myself during the Sushi session in the office.

Oh well, how can I reject him? I've not been cooking/baking much stuffs recently and since Sushi isn't something that will take up the whole day, I beam with joy and told him that we'll have a All Japanese meal! I decided to add in Japanese Potatoes Croquette and Chawanmushi (Japanese Steam Egg). With this packet of Spicy Garlic Tori Karaage lying in my freezer, I decided to use it up since it's going to expire in 1 month's time.

Here's our Japanese Cuisine feast! Itadakimasu!

I was so full up from the meal and oh, I added cheese in the Croquettes. Yummmmmyyy!


Irene's Footprints said...

wow looks oishi. I love Jap Food.

Saw ur white and pink border casserole...I have seen this in many blogs. Where you bot it?

: )

Aimei said...

yummy! your Jap meal look as good as restaurant standard!

Dodol & Mochi said...

This looks like a feast!! Can I come join?? I heart Japanese food!!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

No lah! I used tools to help me mould the Unagi and Crab Mayonnaise Maki rolls :P

Unagi also buy those frozen ones from NTUC. Muahahah! Now lazy to do lah so everything must chop chop! :P

Felicia said...

hi , ur jap food look really gd :) may i know how you do the chawanmushi? thks

Irene's Footprints said...

Hi Mrs Kwok
Wanted to ask you where you bot the white casserole in your pic...looks veri nice...

Your fotos and food looks veri veri you did it?

: )

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Felicia,

Chanwanmushi is not that hard. I did it by beating the eggs lightly, not to create so much bubbles but well, I still see tiny little ones but acceptable.

While you are "whisking" the egg, stir in stock/water lightly to make it a light egg mixture. I added Mirin to get the sweet taste, alternatively you can add in sugar. Season the egg mixture with some salt. I omitted the soy sauce because I don't want the chanwanmushi to have a tiny brownish color. Steam it over middle heat for about 10 mins and it'll be done :)

Try to be sure to check your egg in between the 10 mins because I think the heat varies with different hob. When you see the top layer done, it's probably cooked but I would just switched off the heat and leave it inside to further cook just in case there are certain areas that may be left uncooked :)

As for the ingredients, its pretty simple! Add in ingredients that you like for instance, I added in Enoki mushrooms and Crab sticks only.

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Irene,
I got it from Daiso. $2 SGD only! Cheap and nice! They comes in blue and pink. I got 2 of them.. :)

Photos are taken by Prince Charming. I'm just in charge of cooking the food and placing them onto plates.

Kekeke.. Sure do!

Irene's Footprints said...

Hi Mrs Kwok
Real nice jap food you don't have to eat outside liao...
Will try your chawanmushi recipe next time...

wow $2 casserole..will go to Daiso and look see....
Forgot to ask you about your last Taiwan trip posting...looking forward.. : )


Felicia said...

thks for sharing, will try it soon :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Actually ah, my Taiwan trip wouldn't be as adventurous because main motive is to visit my MIL who lives in Taipei. Usually we cope ourselves at home just that me and Prince Charming usually goes back on our Wedding Anniversary so we get to travel out to Taipei like Hualien for a mini-honeymoon. Kekeke.. Other than that, its just food and more food! LOL!