Wednesday, December 02, 2009

My Weight Gaining Journey

I'm into my 21+ weeks of pregnancy and well... I gained up to 8kg already!
My weight gain seems to rocket especially in my 2nd trimester!

I still remembered losing 1kg during my 1st trimester because of the morning sickness symptoms and now getting back on track, the scale never seems to stop there. It'll just ..... goes up almost every week! I hope that's a good thing (Hopefully my weight gain are good signs that my Little Kwok is absorbing my nutrients and is growing very well) :)

Prince Charming took pictures of my tummy almost every week, if I'm not lazy.
Sometimes I'm just too tired to do anything that's why. I seriously need to be more hardworking to blog more about my life and pregnancy here.

Just some photos to share my joy ;)

If you notice, my tummy seems to balloon from 17 weeks onwards.
The difference is quite obvious :D

AND wait! My hair does'nt seems to grow!


celine said...

wow! no stretch marks at all ...i am soooo jealous.

Eugene said...

ok wife's tummy now at 31 weeks is super big....actually my wife and I were just behind you and hubby at the LRT station on Tues night..

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Maybe my stretch marks are not out yet. Probably might just crawl in when I least expected it. My Prince Charming has been nagging me to apply the stretch mark cream we bought but I'm just plain lazy! LOL!!!

At 31 weeks her tummy has to be big, Hello? She'll be due in a couple of weeks more, congrats! First pregnancy also? I don't usually look out for people around me unless they look really weird or are doing weird stuffs. =X


Its true. Mine just ballooned like no body's business since month 5!

Dodol & Mochi said...


I tried out the 透明美奶滋 recipe and love it!!

I've not been a mother before ... But, can somewhat feel how excited both of you can be!! Congrats!


Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Family First,
Hehe.. Although tummy gets bigger, my joy increase too! :D

Thanks! The mayonnaise is a hot hit in Tw cause most of the breakfast store uses them.

Aimei said...

Mrs Kwok! can feel your joy...congrats congrats... :)

夏り said...

hey mdm hu... so glad to see u n bb growing well! pics are beautiful!

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thanks!! I'll love to hear some good news from you sooon.. Ahem.. I mean wedding bells!

Miss Chew!!
Hehee.. My weight piling like nobody biz leh. Quite amazing when I don't eat much yet the scale just wouldn't stop there. LOL~

Anonymous said...

U look radiant.....n may i find out where u get those stretchable capri pants.....i find it hard to find.....n nice maternity wear are hard to find......take care...

Blessed Homemaker said...

I forgot to take pics during my preg and regretted it! You are so blessed that your prince charming is a good photographer. Take more pics, you won't regret ;-)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Those were the pants I've been wearing even before my pregnancy. I got them from Topshop if you are referring to those in my pics. Actually they are shorts :P

Blessed Homemaker,
Aiyoo.. actually if you notice, I also take occasionally cause can be tired real easily and Prince Charming only free to take pictures at night.