Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I want to go....

My Sis brought my niece to Tokyo recently and wow, Disneyland looks fantastic!
If only I could be there to play with my niece!! Told Prince Charming that I would want to bring our Little Kwok to Disneyland when Little Kwok is big enough to travel (say about 6 months old?)

He said he prefer to bring Little Kwok to Disneyland when Little Kwok is slightly bigger say about 2 years old. His logic is that if we bring Little Kwok to Disneyland before 1 year old, Little Kwok might not be able to remember what we did at Disneyland. Logical? Well, I don't quite agree but he is the boss so well.. Hahaha...!

Anyway, my Sis was so nice to buy some cute stuffs for my Little Kwok. She got Little Kwok a set of Mickey's house bibs and a set of Stitch infant clothes. The Stitch's set looks so cute!!! My niece, Charlotte told me that she misses me during her Japan trip. How sweet!

I'll share some of their Japan's trip pictures :)

That's Charlotte and my Brother-in-Law at some Shrine.

That's my Sister and Charlotte at Universal Studios :)

Charlotte and Sis at Disneyland. Spot Mickey Mouse?

That's my Sweetie Pie wearing a Mickey Mouse hairband.
So CUTE!!!

Happy Family ^^


Blessed Homemaker said...

I agree with what your prince charming said, for disneyland, best to bring them when they are older. I brought my eldest to Perth when she was 2 but she rems nothing now (she's 7 this year).

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Blessed Homemaker,
Hahaha.. Prince Charming got supporter now! Kekek.. I think kids don't really remember much hor. Hmm.. now must plan well le.. Maybe when they are young bring them to Asia countries at least not so expensive.. then when they are in pri/sec sch, bring them to US/Euro countries so they have some memories to keep :D