Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas is definitely a very special one for both Prince Charming and myself!
Our first Christmas with Baby Kwok! We were really excited about celebrating Christmas with Baby Kwok and that we actually put up the Christmas tree much much earlier than usual :D

Baby Kwok totally love the Christmas tree! He almost pull off the whole tree! The jingle bells were thrown onto the floor and the little red pressies decors were in his hands! I can't imagine when he start walking, I bet my house will be in chaos. My mum was complaining to me that Baby Kwok kept pulling the telephone wires and threw the phone on the floor *Swallow saliva* I have a little terrorist!

Anway, was telling Prince Charming that I BADLY needed some time for X'mas baking~ "Un-offically" been not baking for almost a year! I desperately need to have the baking/cooking regime back, otherwise I think I might not even remember how to break an egg! He "politely" agreed but well, we'll see! Pssst.. if you guys see me posting up my X'mas baking that means he kept his promise if not, you know... :P

Merry Christmas ~

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