Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Sugar Cookies

Hurray! Prince Charming did live up to his name for keeping his promise!

Although it seems that I had time for some baking but in fact, I had little :(
Prince Charming's cousin came over for a visit and to give Baby Kwok his Christmas Present so we invited him over for dinner. Not too nice to be keeping myself busy in the kitchen so I did not bake till he went home and then my parents were here to play with Baby Kwok so I joined in the fun and ended up, I was left with like 1 hr to do the baking.

Half way through my baking, Baby Kwok who's sleeping started crying! I had no choice but to stop all my bakings to calm him down. Prince Charming can't manage to make our baby stop crying and so you know, I had to like cut short my baking plan. Was intending to frost the cookies but due to time constraint I'm just leaving it as it is. Only managed to did the outline though.

Anyway, at least I did some baking! *A pat for myself!*
Once again, Merry Christmas!
And opps, Prince Charming was snoring away when these cookies were done so, better pictures next time! I promise :)


Anonymous said...

Hi mrs kwoks,

The cookies look nice n yummy ;) mind to share the receipe with me? My cousin n I are interested to bake..

Regards michelle

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Hi Michelle,
The sugar cookies recipe was adapted from Joy of baking :)