Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Resolution 2011

Been asked by a few acquaintances about my resolution in 2011. Was kind of feeling weird because like I said, they were acquaintances so I don't feel that they will know much about me, so I told them "Nah, I don't have one" :x

Not trying to be rude but I've tried revealing my 2010 resolution to 2 of them last year when asked about it and ended up getting question mark faces, because like I said, they were just acquaintances and thus, do not know me very well!

On the other hand, I am absolutely happy to "announce" my 2011 resolution since I believe those who have been following my blog will know me well enough ;)

  1. Would like to go on a family trip with Prince Charming and Baby Kwok to Disneyland! Japan or HongKong? I bet Prince Charming will go for Japan!
    Why: Have not traveled for more than a year!!! Desperately need an overseas holiday!

  2. Make more initiatives to beautify my house and keeping it sparking clean!
    Why: I'm one who likes to change "pattern" for my loft. If you follows my blog, you should be able to grasp a hint or two from my postings. Oh! Sparkling clean cause need to create a fresh and clean environment for my little boy :D

  3. Learn to appreciate my family more especially Prince Charming ;)
    Why: I believe mummies will agree with me that after being a mum, things changed. I don't mean relationship between husband and wife but more of like referring to moods. It seems that my focus is all on Baby Kwok and I tend to throw tantrums at him even with little matters. Though most of the time he understands but still, I have a heart of guilt for raising my voice at him occasionally :P

  4. Create some healthy baby food for Baby Kwok!
    Why: I'm so worried that he'll get sick of porridge. It's always either pumpkin, spinach or broccoli with threadfin/pork. I need to be creative to create special and healthy meal for my darling!

  5. Continue my breastfeeding journey till Baby Kwok turns 1 year old before I fully introduced him to Formula milk!
    Why: Breast milk is the best that a mom can give to her child. I want my child to enjoy the good quality milk :) Not that Formula milk is no good but well, you know ;)

  6. Spent more time with my Kitchen~~~
    Why: Ever since pregnancy starts, I have not been utilizing my kitchen in terms of cooking or baking. When I looked through my past postings, I miss the joy I had when I bake/cook for my love ones. I really need to get the regime back!
I guess that's all for now? Will add on when I think of more!


Anonymous said...

what a very selfless list of resolution. Good luck in keeping them! :)

Happy Mrs Kwok said...

Thank you Crustabakes.
I think it's a mother's nature! :P